The thing I love most about this medium is that it gives you a great ability to communicate all kinds of ideas and information. Basically, you get the opportunity to show life as you see it or as you have seen it in your head. The possibilities are practically endless.

My journey has been one of trial and error. For the last ten years, I have been involved in every aspect of video content production. I’ve done sales, pre- and post-production and, of course, directing. I have also shot a lot of the work myself, before putting together bigger teams with dedicated professionals such as gaffers and cinematographers.

It is very important to me that the people involved in a project are happy with both the process as well as the results. Some things will take more time than others, but, with the right attitude and determination, we will surely achieve great things. 

Some of the brands I have worked with directly or through an agency are Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein Jeans, Palladium Boots, Mexx Eyewear, HUB Footwear, Spinnin’ Records, Musical Freedom, Dr. Hauschka, Red Bull, and Patta.